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 Spring '23
     Academy                    Vitesse Jong 2014-2016 B/G
     Tournament                Vitesse Elite 2012-13 Boys
                                        Vitesse Elite 2012-13 Girls

     Local leag
ue               Vitesse Select 2012-13 B/G
     Tournament                 Vitesse Elite 2010-11 Boys

                                         Vitesse Elite 2009-11 Girls
    Local League              Vitesse Select 2009-11 B/G
     College prep                Vitesse Elite HS Girls

*Vitesse SELECT / ELITE will participate as one team in TCL league.
**Placement days for select, elite or pool is on FEB. 25 / 26, 2023.


Spring season
       February 20 - May 21, 2023

                                           308 Delmer Salts Rd., Gray
    Definition for Academy, SELECT, ELITE and Pool:
       There are many stages of development.    It is our role to meet each player at
       their level of development.
        Academy is meant to build the love for playing soccer.   We will play friendlies              without 'talking about the score.'
        SELECT - growing into being competitive.   Usually it is a reference to 
        experience, but it could also pertain to mentality, skill, fitness or interest.  
        ELITE -'demonstrated' ability to compete with one or more outstanding attributes.
        Pool - having the ability to compete, yet the motivation to compete 'comes and 
       For the Spring season, we have our placement dates on Sat./Sun. Feb. 25/26th         at Vitesse.   All players will play two games on Saturday between 2-5PM and             one game on Sunday between 2-3:30PM.   Placement will be hold at Ridgeview           Elementary school.   We will call you on Mon. Feb. 27th regarding placement.
​      We have OPEN HOUSE on SAT. March 4th, 2-3:30PM.   We will have snack,             drinks and games.  Players will meet the team and we will have parents meeting.
  • Registration:  On-line (see below).  Answer all questions, then submit.  Invoice is mailed at a later time.
  • Cost:
       Elite Jong (birth years 2014-2016):  $150
       Birth years 2009-2013:   $265
       HS Girls:  $300
Additional costs,
       Required:  Training shirt, $20
       Required:   Referees fees for TCU League or Friendlies,    $5 per game.
       Required:  Home and Away game jerseys,  $80
       Optional:   HS players only - College Showcase,   $50 per tournament.
       Optional:   Tournaments $135 per tournament per family.
  • Training: 
                                All training times are from 5:30-6:45PM 
       MONDAY  - Jong Elite   |   Invitation Elite (training)
       TUESDAY - Jong Elite, Select and Elite (5-v-5 games)
       WED.        - HS Elite (agility and discussion)
       THURS.    - Elite 2012/13 Girls AND 2009-2011 Girls (training)
       FRIDAY     - Select and Elite
  • Friendlies / Tournaments:
       As coordinated with the coach, team manager and club.   Vitesse Elite will go to           two tournaments this season.   Vitesse Elite/Select will play in TCU league and           friendlies.
  • Coaches:
       Vitesse Jong:                                Ann Hylton
       Vitesse Elite Boys 2012 - 2013:   TBA
       Vitesse Elite Girls  2012 - 2013:   Marli Cevallos
       Vitesse Select 2012-13:                TBA
       Vitesse Elite Boys 2010-11:          Doug Schulz
       Vitesse Elite Girls 2009-11:           Abigail Houseright
       Vitesse Select 2009-11 B/G:         Art Fowler and Phillip Baker
       Vitesse Elite HS Girls:                  Simmion Ignace and Michael Louter
  • Calendar (subject to changes)
      SUN. March 5, 3-4:30PM        -  OPEN HOUSE, parents meeting (Vitesse)
      March 18-25                           -  HOLLAND trip
                                                         Spring break, NO PRACTICE
      SAT. April 1                             - HS Girls College Showcase (Tusculum U.)
      April 14 / 15                             - Oak Ridge tournament
      May 20 / 21                             - Greensboro, NC, tournament
*2-v-2 League play at Vitesse, TBA
** 5-v-5 Tournament at Civitan Park, TBA
*** TCU League and friendlies, TBA
  • Player expectations:   (1)  Be committed during training session (but to attend training is not requirement);  (2)   Want to be coached 'competitively;' (3)   Watch regularly the video clip 'Principles of Soccer at Vitesse'; and  (4) Watch regularly the video clip 'Team Play at Vitesse.'   The video clips are listed below.
Vitesse as Platform to Soccer

We establish strong groundroots of ethics, character and   
awareness for players in pursue of their next level.   These are the concepts.

1 --  You will receive the best of what soccer has to give when you are AWARE.   Our focus is providing awareness.   

2 --  We continuously seek growth.   We stage our friendlies, where we must mature and improve.   

3 --  As competitors, we create success.   We are pro-active and play of the situations.

4 --  We believe in principle, the fundamental truth that serves as the foundation for a system to develop, to enjoy and to succeed.  Around the fields we have written expectations 'how to play.'  It takes about 4 years of development when principles are instilled and feel natural.

5 --  Parents are the face of their child.   If you want your child be engaged, be principled and be grateful, you show how it needs to be done, don't assume it is done.  As parents we demonstrate healthy communications skills.   

6 --  Vitesse is a community club.   We rely on parents to keep the mood 'fun and relaxed' at all times.   While coaches share the knowledge, the parents set the feelings.  The experience is only fruitful, when parent express the POSITIVES.  

Want to help,

The GREATEST help a parent can provide is EXPRESSING your encouragements and your patience as we learn.  As parents we need to embrace what is 'good' allowing us to get traction going forward.

We are always seeking for parents, who is willing to take responsibility of game management such as collecting referee money, handling roster, player cards and game jerseys for guest players.


Registration OPEN for Spring 2023 
    **Payment not needed till March 1 (upon placement)**    

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