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2-v-2 League
Sundays, 3:30 - 5PM
August, September & October

NO cost   
  • ​Show-up when able.   No registration needed.
Day / time:   3:30 - 5PM on Sundays
  •  308 Delmer Salts Rd., Gray TN
Set-up:   4 games of 6 minutes
  • Start with a demonstration.
  • We create teams.   
  • Older players will alternate play and coach.
  • Younger players receive parental coaching.
  • After 4 games, time permitting, we play 'informal' 4-v-4.
We need a minimum of 4 players of about same range of ability to create a 2-v-2 league.   If we have a miss-match of abilities, we play scrimmage.   Other activities we consider are slip-n-slide, tennis soccer, soccer golf and goalkeeper war.   With only 1 or 2 players present, we offer a skill session that includes all their feints, pivots and cuts.
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