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ICF Coaching


The biggest impact in soccer performance happens when I am able to coach the goal-setting with the player.   As an ICF coach my role is to listen and ask questions.   The player's role is to explore the meaning and take responsibility of the goal.   ICF coaching meets the player at his/her World view and at his/her stage of development.    We will always honor the experience.


The objective is to create awareness.   We want players feeling valued and having confidence to engage.   We do this in one-on-one sessions for a duration of 45 minutes, usually through a Google Meet.   It works best with players who are juniors in High school or older, including College players.   I also coach parents finding.

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As part of my accreditation of becoming an ICF coach, I have to practice 100 hours.    Anybody helping me in getting the experience, there will be no charge in the future.   To schedule a one-on-one 'Coaching Your Goal' meeting, use the following link and press on the arrow:

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