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Values, Principles & Leadership Style

Vts Soccer |  Philosophy & Structure

Michael J Louter is originally from The Netherlands (Holland) where he was a youth player of Vitesse ’22 in Castricum, Holland from age 8 to when he entered the Dutch professional program as a senior player.


Michael founded Soccer Camps at Vitesse in 2006 because he wanted to provide for his family, and for other families, similar opportunities that he had growing up with Vitesse ’22.


The core value at Vitesse is COMMUNITY -- A safe place for each individual to be challenged in exploring their interests and talents.  Each individual truly identifying and being embraced for his/hers strengths.

“Having grown up in that nurturing environment for 20 years, I am convinced that the concept of ‘community’ allowed me to develop at the level to play professionally.”


Our Values

•   Desiring to achieve dreams.

•   Respecting self and others.

•   Find enjoyment and meaning.

•   Demonstrate commitment and




Operable playing principles

At Vitesse, each principle is systematically integrated till it becomes natural to the players’ behavior.  Players are encouraged to learn at their own tempo.  Each training starts or is concluded in reflection and discussion in order to reinforce a deeper understanding, gain appreciation and recognize successes.  


Leadership style

The leadership style of Vitesse utilizes concepts of "life coaching" as we facilitate in the decision process through posing questions, opening awareness and mentoring.  Ultimately, the decisions are made by the players. 


Decision making based on principles are the premise of development

Sessions are structured to be fun and competitive for players to problem solve throughout all practices and games.


We emphasize positioning in the field and communication to elevated the team morale, confidence and commitment level.  

When the sessions are competitive, players will develop their technique, gain awareness and learn to strategize.

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