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Giving Back

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At Vitesse, we are a team of leaders.   Players are expected to think like leaders and assume 'shared' responsible, that is, influencing the greater good.   Each player should identify a task that benefits with their care.   That could be but not limited to picking up equipment, helping to organize, helping with the flow through encouragement, keeping up with score of activity and continuously finding positives.
More importantly, we expect our members being leaders in school and community.   They 'thank' the teacher after each class; they pick up trash even if it is not there own; are friendly to others; and reach out to projects in need.

Projects we participate in are:  Visiting elders at nursing homes; planting trees through Arbor Day Foundation; St Jude's and Duke cancer research. 

Parents who are in the position to help, at the field there is a task chart outlining the club's needs.

Inspired through the fight against breast cancer, we chose PURPLE as the color for leadership.  Our coaches wear purple shirts, captains wear purple arm bands, parents wear purple hats and we provide purple bracelets to those improving the conditions for everybody around.

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