• 11 week season (no soccer between March 28 - April 4, 2021).
  • Tournaments schedule:   
  1.   March  13    Emerald League
  2.    April 17              Emerald League
  3.    May 1                Emerald League
  4.    May 8 / 9          Johnson City
  5.    May 22 / 23     Christiansburg, VA
  • Training on Tue. and Fri. from 5:30 - 6:45PM at 308 Delmer Salts Rd., Gray.
  • Friendlies on Sat. in Johnson City or Kingsport.   Parents, who are willing to organize a game with another club, will be refunded $25 after completion of the game.   There is a limit to 4 weekends in the season for scheduling a game.  We refund whoever locks in the game for an open date on first come first serve basis. 
  • Cost:  
    Birth years 2012 - 2013 is $250 
      Birth years 2011 - 2003 is  $350 
Tournaments are optional.   The cost for the Emerald League (that is 2 friendlies to be played in Knoxville) is $50 for both weekends.   Tournament is $100 per player.
Uniform package:   Home, Away and training shirt, $100.  
If the season is cancelled, we fully refund the season.   It is prorated by month with $100.​  
  • ​Registration is on-line, see below.   We will e-mail you the PayPal invoice at a later time. 
  • Teams are as follow (listed by birth year):   
We will try to create Boys teams and Girls teams each age category, but cannot guarantee.
   1.    12 / 13 B/G with coach Hector
​   2.     10 / 11 B/G with coach Doug
   3.     08 / 09 B/G with coach Derek
   4.     07 and HS Girls with coach Michael
  •   Player expectations:   (1)  Be committed during training session (but to attend training is not requirement);  (2)   Want to be coached 'competitively;' (3)   Watch regularly the video clip 'Principles of Soccer at Vitesse'; and  (4) Watch regularly the video clip 'Team Play at Vitesse.'   The video clips are listed below.

Spring season

     March 2  - May 23, 2021

Subject to Change due to Covid 19.

Vitesse as Platform to Soccer
We establish strong groundroots of ethics, character and   
awareness for players in pursue of their next level.   These are the concepts.
1 --  You will receive the best of what soccer has to give when you are AWARE.   Our focus is providing awareness.   
2 --  We continuously seek growth.   We stage our friendlies, where we must mature and improve.   We do not fabricate wins. 
3 --  As competitors, we create success.   We do not rely on situations, we are creators.
4 --  We believe in principle, the fundamental truth that serves as the foundation for a system to develop, to enjoy and to succeed.  Around the fields we have written expectations 'how to play.'  It takes about 3 to 5 yeas of experience to understand.
5 --  Parents are the face of their child.   If you want your child be engaged, be principled and be grateful, you show how it needs to be done, don't assume it is done.  As parents we demonstrate healthy communications skills.   There has to be always a flow of interactions as factors continously fluctuates, that of, energy, interest, motivation, expectations and group dynamics.  
Discount opportunites
    To succeed, we need parents' involvement.   We need creators.
1 -- If you are willing to take on the responsibility of game management throughout the season, we refund $100 at the end of the season.   Pertains to collecting referee money, managing roster, player cards and game jerseys for guest players. *
2 --  If you are willing to organize a game with a team from another club, we refund you $25 after completion of the game.   The job is making contact, schedculing and securing.  Vitesse will be responsible for arranging referees, location and player roster.
3 -- If you are willing to direct traffic one day a week for the season during pick-up, we refund $50 at the end of the season.   The job is directing and safeguarding traffic.   You are expected to be present 10 minutes before the end of practice till carline is on the road.
4 -- Discretionary refund is an unspoken refund given to families who are supportive and / or broaden their awareness through engagement.
5 -- If you have experience in soccer, want to learn and subscribe to the mission of Vitesse, as head coach we waive the club, tournament, winter and summer fees (value of $2,000 for the year).   As assistant coach we waive the tournament fee (value of $540 per year).
6 -- If you are a member to either JCFC or TCU, we refund $25.   We believe that the competitive player benefits most of receiving multiple perspectives.
  • Postions are rewarded for one season at the time.
  • In 2019, Vitesse of-set cost for families 26% of total income through exchange services and scholarship.
  • We donot refund beyond $200.

Registration for Spring 2021 season is CLOSED

        Upcoming2-v-2 League (deadline April 7th)