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Sun. Aug. 14, 2021, 1 - 5PM
Everybody Welcome!!!


1 - 1:30PM:   PK shoot-out.   Winners in each age catergory receive shirt.

1:30 - 3PM:   2-v-2 play.   Teams of 2 players will compete against 3 other teams.

Winners in each group will receive $10 gift card from Sports Academy.

3 - 3:45PM:   Soccer Golf tournament in the following divisions (listed by birth years):

Everybody can participate.  Each group consists of 6 players or less.  Winners will receive a Vitesse mug.

4 PM - Leave whenever   Meet & Greet coaches, administrators, teams


  • Available drinks and snacks at no charge.

Vitesse Soccer Inc. is a non-for-profit registered organization to help players interested in competitive soccer for life-long enjoyment, High school and College opportunities.

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