Winter Program,
      Soccer Skill Acquisition
Dec. 4, 2021 - Feb. 12, 2023

Registration will open on October 1, 2022
Section 1:  Sunday, 2-2:50PM    
Section 2:  Sunday, 3:30-4:20PM    
Section 3:  Sunday, 5-5:50PM
Section 4:  Thurs.,   6:30-7:20PM  (High school)  

This course is for beginners and intermediate level.   The absolute basics will be covered to establish an appreciation for soccer techniques or, with a committed attitude, a foundation for advancement to higher level soccer.   Maximum capacity per group is 12 players with a player coach ratio of 6:1.   The purpose of the course is three-fold:   One, to inspire players;  Two, to teach the build-up of each technique; and Three, how to train yourself for acquiring these skills.

Dec. 5    Dribbling
Speed dribbling, dribbling in tight spaces and shielding.

Dec. 12  Feints
Scissors, body-fake and cut-catch.

Dec. 19  Control
Inside foot, outside foot and ankle snap.

Jan. 2    Passing
Inside foot

Jan. 9   Tackling
Block, slide and poke

Jan. 16   Distance passing   
Drive, lofted and bended

Jan. 23   Shooting
Instep, side-volleys and full-volleys

Jan. 30     Confidence
The act of confidence - walking, passing, exploding, anticipation, respect, leading
--Playing with personality rather with skill--

Feb. 6     Control out of air
Thights, chest and head.

Feb. 13   Turning
Cruiff, outside foot and inside foot