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CULTURE at Vitesse
Assumption of Risk

To keep membership cost down, we only incur one-fifth of actual cost of operating & maintenance to the fields and coaches are not financially compensated.  In return, we ask parents to help us to protect against 'common-sense' liabilities to optimize the learning and fun aspects.  In addition to the waiver with US Club Soccer, the waiver at Vitesse include:

1)  No refunds for cancelled tournaments.

2)  No medical trainer on-side during practices or games.

3)  Once a season we do slip-n-slide soccer.   Participation at own risk.

4)  Parking at Vitesse or its partners, including walking to and from the fields from the parking lot, are at own risk.

We believe the culture to succeed is that members are family -- respecting, supporting and celebrating each successes.  As a third person, our role is to be supportive and make the experience enjoyable.   This includes:

1)  Read and acknowledge the 'bench marks being competitive.'

2)  Focus on principles, not feelings.

3)  Focus on player development as team player.

4)  Players don't need to commit coming but do need to be committed during training.

5)  Open communication lines between parents and coaches.   We fear face-book and parking lot talk.

6)  To gain perspective, we always welcome players participating in different programs.

7)  After each tournament, bring 'closure.'   Add value to the experience.  Don't leave anybody feel empty or feeling used.

8)  Referees are treated with respect.

9)  At Vitesse, players must learn to be organized as a team.   When we are organized, we are in a good position to help each other being successful.   It takes strength of character to willingly perform your role while emotionally you feel enticed doing differently.   This means, in attack, we want players being in passing lanes as quickly as possible.   We use the term 'touch the line,' because when we have options on the side, we created options through the middle.   Defensively, we want to play compact, that when we causing the opposing team to make mistakes, we are quickly to regain possession.   For that reason, we use 'low pressure' (which is not the same as soft pressure).  These terms have to be ingrained and are fundamental to the player's development and success.   Adding more concepts will results in failing in all concepts.   

10)  Coaching will center around gratitude and be eager.   Gratitude keeps you happy and being eager gets you where you want to be.  We reflect on gratitude and be eager at each practice.   
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